+ Collaborators

Co-Curators Sephra Lamothe (left) and Camillia Leonelli Calzado.

The Captive Labour exhibition displayed throughout November 2022, was a success in part to the support of scholars, curators, and industry professionals. We would like to express our gratitude to the individuals and institutions below for lending their knowledge and access to their archives. 


Molly McCullough and Rebecca Dolgoy, Ingenium Museum of Science and Technology

*Note that the majority of the artefacts were donated by the museum to the FRC. 


Alison Matthews David, Fabric of Crime 

Eve Townsend, Fashion Research Collection

Cameron Willis and Dave St.Onge, Canada’s Penitentiary Museum

Justine Woods, Toronto Metropolitan University 

Elizabeth Semmelhack, Bata Shoe Museum

Jordan House and Asaif Rashid, Co-authors of Solidarity Behind Bars: Unionizing Prison Labour

Sajdeep Soomal — University of Toronto 

Brendan Edwards, Queen’s University Rare Books and Special Collections 

Heather Home, Queen’s University Archives